A new approach
to detecting COVID-19

A new method developed specifically for the COVID-19 case allows rapid identification of carriers, even at an early stage, without any need for special equipment or a team of experts

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How it works

Breaking the Infection Chain

The ability to quickly identify infected people, even at the earliest stages, ensures  disconnecting infection chains and protecting individuals and groups.

Positive/Negative Response within 60 Seconds

Advanced analysis of voice characteristics creates the subject's signature

Keyword analysis (numbers) and a short cough are used to create a unique signature of the respiratory array

Dedicated Machine Learning Techniques Identify Abnormal Characteristics Typical of COVID-19


Variety of States

High sensitivity to even the slightest changes, allows detection of cases of infection in the various stages of the process, even at an early stage


Variety of Devices

The application is built for high compatibility with variety of devices on the market regardless of special capabilities or additional equipment that needs to be installed


Dynamic Optimization

The system continuously learns the measured properties and adjusts algorithms based on the gathered information

Latest Tools Used to Collect and Analyze

Integrated Analyitics

Cumulative information from a variety of tests is automatically analyzed in the Analytics Center presenting an accurate picture of the identification capabilities in front of cross-sectional data from various sources


Accumulated Data Used to Advance Algorithms

Cumulative information is utilized for further analysis over time and for continuous improvement in accuracy and quality of detection.


Privacy Strictly Guarded

The cumulative information is statistically identified for analysis but is not associated with specific subjects for maximum confidentiality of personal information.


Secured & Encrypted Cloud Infrastructure

The information accumulates in secure cloud infrastructures and is well protected from unauthorized access or loss of information due to negligence

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Fast Start-up without Hassle

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Stable Infrastructure built for long-run projects

Experienced, Knowledgable Team

The company was built and driven by a focused team that brings with it extensive experience and an innovative spirit.

The product is the result of the development of the team with the help of a wide group of experts, the unique technology at the base of the product has so far been tried with impressive success on a large sample of over 1000 people across the country and is in the midst of further testing.


Danny Sivan

A computer science specialist with an M.A. From Tel Aviv University, B.A. in music and specialization in Microsoft Israel in application development.


Dr. Yigal Ben Shalom

Expert in social policy and information systems. Formerly Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Director General of the National Insurance Institute, Senior Lecturer at the Academy and Director of Companies.

VP Medical

Prof. Gil Siegal

An expert in medical law and bioethics, a lecturer at the Ono Academic Campus and the University of Virginia, an ENT surgeon head and neck, and a senior researcher at the Gartner Institute for Health Policy.

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Medical Solutions based on Voice Analysis